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Newcastle Psychedelic Society presents

Journeys to the Edge of Consciousness

Three psychedelic trips that changed the world forever

Dir: Rob Harper, 2019, UK, 87 mins, no cert / 18+ only

Sat 25 January // 19:00 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/5


Journeys to the Edge of Consciousness is a part-animated feature length documentary film by producer / director Rob Harper.

Take an animated trip into the depths of the human mind with three brave pioneers of the 1950’s/60’s Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and Alan Watts. The film presents three psychedelic trips by these three world-famous authors that together changed them, and Western culture, forever.

Combining stylish, minimalist animation with a rich, immersive soundscape, Journeys creates a unique cinematic spectacle, inviting you to relive the highs - and the lows - of the psychedelic experience from the edge of your seat.

Sixty years later we put these historic trips into a modern context, sitting down with twelve leading current thinkers to ask: "What can expanded states of mind teach us about ourselves, the world and our place in it?"

This film is presented in collaboration with Newcastle Psychedelic Society.