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NorthEastEnders: Shieldfield On Screen

From the 1960's to present day, a collection of short films covering the residential area of Shieldfield

Sun 24 March // 14:00 / Cinema

Tickets: Free

NortEastEnders presents an eclectic mix of short films about the residential area of Shieldfield:

1. Sharp with the Flats (1964), Turners Film Productions,18mins 
2. Past Master: John Armstrong (1990's), Unknown, 9mins  
3. How the Land Lies (2017), Ashley Zazoua Bowes, 8mins

North-EastEnders is a part of 'in our space': a celebration of art work by communities, artists and students from across Newcastle, produced as part of Newcastle Art Team's 2018/19 artist in residence and arts connect programmes.