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Programming Training & Skillshare

Wed 16 October 2019 // 18:00 / Meeting

Tickets: FREE

Are you a volunteer interested in getting more involved with event programming? Then this is for you! Come join us at what we hope will be a semi-regular peer skillshare / training / drop-in programming session, which may include but by no means is limited to:

* Learning to navigate the programming calendar, adding events

* How to find and negotiate with film distributors

* Understanding terms & conditions: hire price, door percentage, band costs, cash needed on night, etc.

* Insurance and safeguarding

* Being a good liaison with S&S volunteers, tech workers, and keyholders; understanding the ins and outs of the building and what's needed to put on different events

* Crafting/editing programme text and social media posts; marketing and promotion strategies

* Grant applications and external funding

All inducted volunteers welcome - please log into the rota and sign up for a 'Trainee' spot if you'd primarily like to learn, or just show up if you're a more experienced programmer who wants a bit of help with events you've got in the works. This is intended as a learn-as-you-go work session as much as a 'training', so be prepared to do a bit of admin work to help support other events!

NOTE: Please bring a laptop if you have one (but not required).