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Star and Shadow Radio Presents

Slow Down Solstice : 12 Hour Live Broadcast

Sat 20 June 2020 // 21:00 / Radio

Tickets: No Pounds

Sunset on Saturday 20 June marks the end of  the longest day of the year and the start of shortest night - Midsummer.

Join us for a special 12 Hour live and continuous radio broadcast and online video stream to mark this very special date in the celestial calendar.

This will be a Slow Down Solstice for your eyes and ears; a night of deep listening, ambient escapades, spoken word, chill out optics and free associated visuals. Field recordings, environmental sound and soothing, uplifting tones to take you through the night from dusk till dawn.

There will be contributions from across the Star & Shadow cohort and 3 live performances over the 12 hours that you’ll be able to see and hear including Jayne Dent, Graeme Hopper performing under his Chlorine moniker and Cath & Phil Tyler.

Broadcast starts 9pm and finishes 9am on the Sunday.

Other contributors from S&S Radio and Volunteer cohort include:

Ken Pollard

Lindsay Duncanson


Mark Wardlaw


Nick Brodin 

Michael McHugh

Una, Gwen & Holly Wallers

Mike Hirst

Andy Taylor

Paul Smith

Sneha Solanki

Skinny Blue

Gabi Heller

Sophie Taylor 

Maz Gabrysch 


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