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Sound basic training

Thu 20 June // 18:00 / Venue Space
Thu 25 July // 18:00 / Venue Space
Fri 20 September // 18:00 / Venue Space
Thu 17 October // 18:00 / Venue Space
Thu 14 November // 18:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: free

Like It Loud? Make It Loud! courtesy of the star & shadow sound technician (level 1) basic training course for inducted volunteers

In this basic training session we will cover...

sound system essentials (what to turn on and where)

common media sources (what to plug into what)

simple stage management (what to move where and when)

No experience necessary. Numbers are limited so don't delay. Simply log into the toolkit using the username and password detailed in your registration email and sign up for a 'Trainee' spot. See you in the Venue!