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Star & Shadow Slasher Summer Camp

... an immersive horror movie marathon!

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Sat 20 July // 15:00 / Cinema

Tickets: £15/20/35

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Goooood morning campers! 

We're turning our building into Camp Star & Shadow for this special immersive event, featuring a marathon of summer-camp themed horror movies from the glorious 1980s (and one modern twist on the genre). In between films, stop by the canteen for snacks, or find the arts & crafts cabin to make a friendship bracelet for your new camp BFF. Or sneak off into the woods for a drink at the bar -- but watch out for the Star & Shadow Slasher, who will be roaming the venue! 


3:00pm: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (Tom McLoughlin, 1986, USA, 86mins, 18 cert) - Zombie Jason! Genre self-awareness! The first Friday the 13th to truly embrace the ridiculousness of the franchise, and the only film in the series to actually feature kids at a summer camp. (And don’t worry - you don’t need to have seen any other Friday the 13th movie to enjoy this one.)  

4:30pm: Snack break - Time to head to the canteen to grab yourself a tasty hot dog and a drink.

5:00pm: Madman (Joe Giannone, 1981, USA, 88mins, 18 cert) - A group of young teen campers and their counselors accidentally incur the wrath of a legendary killer known as ‘Madman Marz’. Panned on its initial release and seized in raids in the UK during the ‘video nasty’ panic of the early 80s, it’s now regarded by many fans as a classic slasher of the period. Come for the fun practical effects, stay for the deranged folk ballad about the titular killer. 

6:30pm: Dinnertime - The mess hall will be serving up a hearty bowl of chili. If you find the right counselor, they might show you how to do the Camp Cup Game.

7:30pm: The Final Girls (Todd Strauss-Schulson, 2015, USA, 91mins, 15 cert) - A young woman grieving the death of her actress mother gets pulled into her most famous film, a cheesy 80s slasher called Camp Bloodbath. Can she remember how to survive a summer-camp horror movie and successfully fight off the film's maniacal killer? 

9:00pm: Ice cream social - Cool off with an ice cream bar before the final film.

9:30pm MYSTERY FILM! (18 cert) This forgotten 1980s low-budget gem includes a few twists on the genre and some truly weird scenes that have to be seen to be believed. Not shown in the UK since the days of VHS, now presented in a new 4K restoration from its 16mm camera negative. 

Survive all four films and get a merit badge! You’ve earned it, campers!


Cub Scout (£20/15) - Our basic ticket gets you a reserved seat for all four films. 

Eagle Scout (£35) - If you want the full Camp Star & Shadow experience, this package includes a ticket to all four films, food vouchers (hot dog, chili, and ice cream bar), and an exclusive camp t-shirt. This special package is limited, so sign up quickly!

Individual tickets for each film will also be on sale at the door on the day of the event, subject to availability. Please note that all films are rated 18 with the exception of The Final Girls, rated 15; proof of age may be required.


  • This event is 18+, sorry kids!

  • Please arrive on time - our counselors will be running a tight ship at Camp Star & Shadow!

  • We run a vegetarian kitchen and our hot dogs, chili, and ice cream will all be vegan; allergens will be listed