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The Star and Shadow Presents

The Spaces Between Countries: Mexico & USA

UK Premiere

Dir: Various, Country: USA & Mexico, 2018, 72 minutes

Thu 28 February 2019 // 19:30 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/5

Produced by EXcinema in Seattle, The Spaces Between Countries: Mexico & USA is an exquisite corpse with a total of twenty filmmakers, from both countries, and some who live, or lived in both. Each filmmaker addresses life in their surroundings and many include events of the past year. There’s crowds on both US coasts under the path of the eclipse, independent venders making tortillas and thread from scratch, a beach full of pelicans, the aftermath of earthquakes in Mexico, and hurricanes and forrest fires in the US. There’s police in the streets, resistance marches, real estate scammers, and there’s the housing crisis affecting most of us. This and much more.

Filmmakers are: Brenda Avila, Ivan Avila, Rafael Balboa, Anthony Buchanan, Brenda Contreras, Sasha Water Freyer, Ivonne Fuentes,  Elijah Hasan, Dalia Huerta, Salise Hughes, Pedro Jimenez, Pam Minty, Artemio Narro, Eric Ostrowski, Elena Pardo, Chloe Reyes, Luke Seiczek, Bruno Varela, Dustin Zemel, Robert Zverina.