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LTP#7 presents

Three Who Passed: Hammer, Schneeman, Varda Shorts on 16mm

A rare screening of shorts on 16mm of three great experimental filmmakers


Sat 15 June 2019 // 20:00 / External

In March 2019, three luminaries of alternative and avant-garde film passed away - Carolee Schneeman, Barabara Hammer and Agnès Varda. We will celebrate their lives with screenings of rare short films, two on 16mm:

Plumb Line (Carolee Schneeman, USA, 1968-72, 15m),
Plumb Line: Plump line full rounded plumbs drop or descent abounding in, plume abrupt plunge, testing vertically/perpendicularity of wall, sounding (downright), level, true, ecactly, (U.S. slang) utterly crazy, measure, depth, make vertical. Pendulum (Carpentry), Plumber, lead ball, join, joint.)
Plumb Line is made from scrap. Footage shot in 8mm and 16mm ’68-69, a film diary of daily movements-the couple.

Dyketactics (Barbara Hammer, USA, 1974, 4m)

Ulysse (Agnès Varda, France, 1982, 22m).

At the sea shore, a goat, a child, and a naked man. A photograph taken in 1954 by Agnès Varda. The goat was dead, the child was named Ulysses, and the man was naked. Starting from this frozen image, the film explores the real and the imaginary.