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Star & Shadow - Tyneside Sounds Society present

Tyneside Sounds Society Listening Club

Thu 14 March // 20:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: £4

Tyneside Sounds Society is a growing and informal social network of people with an active and passing interest in the world of phonography; field recording and the aural environment & sound heritage of Tyneside.

They have a monthly show on Resonance Extra, 4th Sunday of every month and hold an irregular Record-A-Thon™ around Tyneside and the North East where folk meet up to record and exhaust an area of its sonic possibilities armed only with their sound recorders.

They put on events too - like this - the inaugural Tyneside Sounds Society Listening Club™.

You are invited to bring along your USB sticks, flash drives, digital storage pods, compact cassettes, CDs or wax cylinders* of the field recordings you’ve been making then kick back and relax whilst we play them through the kick ass S&S sound system to a friendly audience in a fun and welcoming social setting.

If you want to compare the size of your boom and hard disk space thats fine but this club is open to all and as previous TSS events can testify, we’re not bothered what kit you use, a professional or passing interest -  it doesn’t matter (under 18s welcome if accompanied by an adult).

You don’t even have to bring any recordings you might just want to grab a pint, pull up a deck chair and immerse yourself in a dark room and partake in a spot of deep listening.

They'll also be playing recordings from around the world via the Radio Aporee geomixer - the big boss of online global sound maps https://aporee.org/

Someone has to pay the S&S mortgage so entry is £5 which includes £1 membership to the Star & Shadow (£4 if you are already a member)

If you are bringing field recordings to play you’ll get in FREE but you’ll need to arrive at 7.30pm sharp so we can prep and check they are working.

For everyone else doors will open at 8pm.

We’re hoping loads of people turn up with recordings so as a result we cannot guarantee that your recordings will be played - let’s play it by ear, see how it goes and say first come first serve.

Join us then for the ultimate Open Mic social listening experience on Thursday 14 March at the Star & Shadow cinema

*keep the recordings short(ish) maybe not that 2 hour recording of your fridge freezer defrosting eh?

*can be any digital audio format wav, aiff, mp3 etc - we can also play CD/CDr or compact cassette or direct from device if you/we have the right leads. If you are going to bring along something super obscure - let us know in advance.

*It's up to you what the recordings are - they don't have to be made in Tyneside - let's just say the recorded sounds of the world around you and your environment  -  birds, buses, bells, sheep, sirens....stuff.  DEFINITELY NOT your new band demo or 20 hour experimental modular white noise set (plenty of opportunities for that out there)

Any queries email tynesidesounds@gmail.com