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An immersive club night and art event inspired by video games

Fri 19 April // 20:30 / Venue Space

Tickets: £5 advance / £6 door

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Sparkle Robotics presents verteX_RE-PORT, an immersive audio-visual art and club event inspired by video games and video game nostalgia.

Sparkle Robotics are a newly formed audio-visual collective based in Newcastle and London orbiting around a shared interest in new and aged technology, digital world building, and pop maximalism.  

For their debut event at Star and Shadow, Sparkle Robotics will present a unique audio-visual event inspired by video games and video game nostalgia. Delving into the data banks of mid 90s to mid 2000s video games (think PS1+2, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Wii etc… ) the event will consist of performances, poetry, and live music inspired by video games, followed by a night of spacey pads, electric panpipes, acid blips, among other iconic sounds from this unique and innovative era of video game music.  

Accompanying three DJ sets from DJFrogAttack and Rhubarcode, more than 20 artists from Newcastle and beyond have contributed an array of club visuals. These will be worked live by a lineup of VJs (Rhubarcode, Tino, and Benjamin Belinska), taking us on a journey to the tropical beach resorts of Nintendo, urban hip-hop and rock-infused DnB streets of Tony Hawk, epic synth-pop galaxies of arcade space fighters, acid and ethereal breakbeat of PS1 racers like Wipeout and Ridge Racer, hard edged glistening robotic techno, and beyond. 

So please, stock your inventory, clear your virtual calendar, don your finest avatar-chic, and join us for a night unlike any other!  

Make sure to save at the nearest checkpoint and replenish your HP before hand. We’re not here to play games. >;)

For those wanting to come just for the club night, tickets will be available on the door. 

(Optional dress-code: avatar-chic)

Genres: breakbeat, acid, techno, trance, old school rave, liquid dnb, house, electro-pop, euro-house, hip-hop, synth-pop, jazz funk


Events Order

08:30 – 10:00 > Performances, film, and live music by Jenni Mac, Lucy Heaton, Zoe Kendall, Edwin Li-nk, Laurie Martin, Dan Goodman, and Quantum Echo.

10:00 – 12:00  > DJFrogAttack

12:00 – 01:00 > DJ Rhubarcode

01:00 – 03:00 > DJFrogAttack

Contributing artists:

Aaron Walker (@aaronwalker_art)

Diogo Alexandre (@alexwasborn)

Andrew Sheppard (@andrew_sheppard_)

Gavin Gayagoy (@artofgav)

Emma Quick (@cornert0wn)

Dan Goodman (@dannygoodbar)

Serena Devereux (@serena.devereux)

DJFrogAttack (@djfrogattack)

Ella Burgess (@elbarulegs)

Felix (@felixzzzone)

Lucy Heaton (@lucyheaton_art)

Gabriela Milberg (@gabriela_milberg)

George Kuhn (@g_micah_kuhn)

Henrique Palmeirim Lazaro (@palm.laz)

Jenni Mac (@gotohell_jm)

Laurie Martin (@lariexangel)

Laurie Martin (lauriexangel)

Charlotte (@littlemissnoface)

Megan Irusta Cornet (@megandidthat)

Nadine Kolodziey (@nadinekolodziey)

Naomi Marchbank (@naomiartbank)

Oisin Stanley-Stephenson (@oisin_art)

Quantum Echo (@quantumecho_)

Rhubarcode (@rhubarcode)

Freddy Francke (@srilankus)

Petra Szemán (@petra/szeman)

Yuehan Yang (@tongktongktong

Benjamin Belinska (@waterlilysongs)

Christian Wright (@worrrrry)

Xanthe Horner (@xanlefee)

Song Xin (@songxin.xin)

Zane Drees (@zanedrees)

Zoe Kendall (@zoe_appy)