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From Sunset to Sunset:

Winter Solstice 24 hr Broadcast

Sun 20 December 2020 // 15:30 / Radio

Tickets: All Free (Book your food on Eventbrite)

Tune in, Watch and Listen to our 24hr continuous a/v broadcast from Sunset to Sunset across the longest night of the year.

Watch through the S&S film stream and Listen through S&S Radio

* 1530 - 1700  Ideal Retreat Solstice Special

Graeme Hopper presents an ambient solstice sunset special including live sets under his Chlorine moniker.  

* 1700 - 2000 Star & Shadow All-Stars

Solstice sonics, playlists and mixes from our star studded line up of S&S Radio Regulars including Brass Unbound & Sunday Blessings.

* 2000 - 2100  Ceitidh Mac LIVE 

Listen to the Welsh Cellist Ceitidh. Warming tones and soaring vocals with transformative sound that puts a progressive twist on the alt.folk genre.

* 2130 - 2215  Nathalie Stern LIVE 

Swedish born Newcastle based Nathalie brings her traditional Swedish folk roots up to date with experimental sonics. 

* 2300 - 0000  Georgia May LIVE 

Born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne with Nigerian roots Georgia is a Lo-fi Soulful vocalist, heavily influenced by a hip hop, RnB and acoustic soul sensibility.  Her sound is defined by soothing timbres exposing lust and heartache with a poetic lyrical narrative. 

* 0000 - 0045  Sleepy Time Show 

Bedtime tunes and pillow chat with Sophie

* 0045 - 0100  Forth, Tyne and Dogger

Sailing By, Shipping Forecast and National Anthem - Radio 4 addicts can rest easy... or can they?

* 0100 - 0700  The Golden Goat / Tenth Dan 

A live mix of visuals and ambient escapes into the Noosphere and through the dark hours with the Golden Goat and Tenth Dan - via film stream and radio

* 0700 - 0900  Sneha at Sunrise

Transcendental sonics with artist and DJ Sneha Solanki 

* 0900 - 0920  Political Madness

Ken our dude in from the street transforms the ramblings of our political madmen. Not Radio 4's Today programme

* 0920 - 1000  Unfinished / Unpublished 

Emily Anderson presents a very special edit and highlights of her popular weekly S&S show looking at the creative incomplete and unrealised

* 1000 - 1045  We Can't Promise Anything 

Extremely amateur agony aunts Gille & Marian can't promise anything but they try to help

* 1045 - 1110  Sir Gawain 

Local Storyteller Chris Bostock and Musician Ken Patterson tell a cracking Hearthside Tale Suitable for children 10+ 

* 1110 - 1140  This Land is Your Land

The Good Food Music Guide with Carmel McGrath

* 1140 - 1200  Dwellbeing Shieldfield 

Special one off podcast made by members of the Dwellbeing community project

* 1200 - 1300  Music & Film 

Film soundtracks on the radio and a very special showreel of films made by members and volunteers of the Star & Shadow cooperative throughout the afternoon on the film stream

* 1300 - 1400  Trapped in My Flat 

Andy moves into the late afternoon for a one off Darkest Night special! Ambient float meets acoustic psychedelia & dilated song in a continuous mix to help warm up your winter 

* 1400 - 1500  Chant Hits from the Dark Ages  

A rundown of medieval masterhits and chant toppers... east meets west... old meets new

* 1500 - 1600  Dear Listener Solstice Special 

Our Paul from Maximo Park brings his popular weekly show into the last throes of sunlight on the shortest day