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Wish You Were Here Too

Sat 23 March // 16:00 / Cinema

Tickets: £10/£8 (concessions) price inc. cinema & venue performances

Diskotek Archives present an immersive exhibition of 1960’s/70’s period piece Socialist Modernist postcards from beyond the Berlin Wall; photographic peak through the Iron Curtain into a time both past, present and potentially the future…

Utilising a 3 screen projection, experience the venue space as it morphs from exhibition into Klub Bardzo circa 1969 as ‘record player entertainer’ Lee Baby Sims provides a non-stop soundtrack of the rarest and best 60’s/70’s rockinbigbeatpopsikesoulfunkprog records from the DDR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania etc. All killer NO filler!

To add further texture, fantastic local combo SINGLE BLACK OLIVE will also be playing 2 sets of super soundtrack sounds to compliment the proceedings…not to be missed!

And we’re chuffed he accepted our invitation and delighted to present acclaimed author and commentator Owen Hatherley (Militant Modernism, A New Kind of Bleak, Ministry of Nostalgia, Landscapes of Communism) who will begin the programme.

Drawing on his book The Adventures of Owen Hatherley in the Post-Soviet Space, Hatherley will introduce three short films that present the ideal socialist city, not as it was, but as it should have been and could still be, as depicted via a Ukrainian portrait of Kyiv in the spring, a Lithuanian short showing a new town taking shape in the countryside, and Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena’s house for people with no friends.

Between films and the exhibition The Star and Shadow café cum Milsch Bar will be serving up some classic vegan and vegetarian Central/East European dishes while the gallery space will play host to an exhibition of OST Bloc Sound record sleeves and postcard correspondence.

A unique presentation for those with an interest in film & photography, architecture & design, post war European history, Incredibly Strange Music and dancing!

We’ll be there, wish you are too x