Three day event throughout the building

William Kentridge Weekend

Kentridge's most ambitious and mesmerising works, revealing how his ideas evolve from concept to completion.

Fri 28 February // 13:00
Sat 29 February // 13:00
Sun 1 March // 13:00

A unique opportunity to experience the varied and exciting works of artist William Kentridge. Born in ... [more]

Day one of the Festival

William Kentridge Weekend 'Cinema programme'

films, documentaries, illustrated talks

Fri 28 February // 13:30

DAY ONE of William Kentridge Weekend with films, documentaries, Q and A and a illustrated talk [more]

ALL DAY EVENT Ewan Brown Anarchist Bookfair

Sat 9 May // 09:00

The Newcastle Ewan Brown Anarchist Bookfair! This bookfair is in memory of our friend Ewan Brown, ... [more]