Krocodile Klub

Fri 25 January // 18:00


what becomes of the broken hearted? they attend the star and shadow's

Anti-Valentines Day Massacre

featuring Hand To Mouth & Staggerin' Jon Lee live

Thu 14 February // 20:00

HAND TO MOUTH - Lindsay Hannon (“A voice soulful, brooding & unselfconscious in its longing” - ... [more]

Ping Pong

Sat 16 February // 20:00

It's Ping Pong Newcastle's birthday! They are 12 years old. Come to celebrate with us. Ping ... [more]

Saturday Social MARCH!

Sat 2 March // 20:00

the great unwashed, the hoi poloi, the lower orders, the rank and the file are all ... [more]